About OneLink

One Stop to help village residents to get their daily needs.

This is an effort to help village residents to become more aware about govt policies, agricultural advancements, instruments and local events.
Social problem solving app which helps people to organize their events as well as it is a simple app to connect each other using phone calls as announcements.


The Main goal of onelink is to educate village residents. There are many govt policies and schemes available for people living in rural areas which doesn't seem to reach to common villegers. Many new agricultural advancements, tools and various methods which takes many years to reach to remote rural areas. This is an effort to make indian villeges independent and educated.

Origin Story

Our Founder Ram Ratan Bairar hails from a small village in Jodhpur. while growing up he observed many pain points in villege: Outdated tools in agriculture, Lack of awareness about various helpful govt policies, no common connectivity channel for village etc.

One day while talking with his friend and co-founder Ankit he mentioned these issues. It was clear that no major company was working towards these village issues, so these issues were not going anywhere. After collecting the list of issues our founders tried to find ways solve these issues.

It was so clear that even though educating rural areas are a difficult and expensive task, it could yield long term sustainable lifestyle there. So, as a hobby project, Ram and his friend Ankit started working on ONELINK to solve these problems.

Flash Forward Today

ONELINK has come a long way since its inception 6 months ago. From only an idea to 100 blogs about various helpful insights, Onelink now provides solutions in other areas of villege experience as well. Presently, ONELINK is used by numerous villeges around the Rajasthan to:

  • Create and announce Events in the villege
  • Read and listen blogs about latest govt policis and agricultural events.
  • Check local villege Notice Board for local news
  • MarketPlace to buy latest agricultural equipments
  • Interconnect with villages
  • Recieve Daily newspaper in mail.